Callyo Helps Investigators Provide Prosecutors with Quality Evidence that Leads to Fairer Trials

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Prosecutors recommend Callyo as the premier tool for digital evidence collection.

Prosecutors are overloaded with cases which can lead to defendants cases being delayed or simply never going to trial. As a result, victims of violent crimes may be denied the justice that they deserve. Prosecutors love Callyo because it provides quality of evidence so that cases do not linger in the courts - giving victims the justice they deserve. Case prep is easier, and the integrity of cases is much higher from an evidentiary standpoint.

Key Prosecution Statistics

Percentage of Cases Tried

Out of every 1000 instances of rape, only 13 cases get referred to a prosecutor, and only 7 cases will lead to a felony conviction.

Preparation Time

On a per-case basis, prosecutors spend an average of 100 hours preparing for a homicide case.

Case-Load Burden

In some jurisdictions, individual prosecutors handle more than one thousand felony cases per year.

Fair Trials

All parties, even defendants, benefit from Callyo's complete and tamper-proof preservation of evidence.

“We are just starting to use Callyo, but so far we have been thoroughly impressed with it. It has added another level of security for our agents, and greatly increased the integrity of our cases from an evidentiary standpoint.”
“Callyo helps me document my communications with civilians. When needed for case files or when submitting evidence to the prosecution team, downloading the files is easy and everything is there. Callyo has helped us maintain evidentiary accountability and credibility.”
“It has revolutionized the way we conduct investigations and has made a significant impact on the quality of our evidence. The ease of use has made it possible to keep up with the fast pace at which we operate.”
“What a great service. I have used Callyo often and it has worked perfectly. This app is great and I will continue to use it daily.”

Callyo for Your Team

We love prosecutors just as much as they love us! If you need information about how Callyo can make your case prep workflow easier and the quality of your evidence better let us know.

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