Simplifying Communications Workflows

Level Up Your Investigations

Our products support a diverse spectrum of investigative tasks forces

Investigative Solutions on Any Budget

Increased Officer Safety

Hidden in plain sight technology makes body wires a thing of the past.

Secure Cloud Storage

Information is stored safely in the cloud, making it secure and easy to access.

Legal Case Assistance

On call state-wide prosecutors are available to assist with case preparation.

No Special Equipment

Stop buying burner phones and use your existing mobile phone.

“We are just starting to use Callyo, but so far we have been thoroughly impressed with it. It has added another level of security for our agents, and greatly increased the integrity of our cases from an evidentiary standpoint.”
“Callyo has completely modernized the investigative process. Callyo is so simple to use, and the clarity of the audio is unmatched. If I have a technical difficulty, the Callyo team has it fixed within 24 hours, and typically within a few hours. Highly recommended!”
“It has enabled me to make any investigations conducted rock solid. Clear, concise audio make for higher-integrity evidence in future court proceedings.”
“Being able to safely communicate with multiple subjects has made investigations so much easier. I no longer have to risk exposing my identity.”
“Callyo has made our job easier and safer. I believe it is an essential tool that all law enforcement should use.”

Callyo for Your Team

Callyo helps investigators collect the evidence they need for safe and successful prosecutions. Verify your law enforcement status to see how Callyo can help your agency.

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