Counter Terrorism

Callyo Helps Investigators Stay Safe While They Keep the Public Safe

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Terror Causes Wide-Spread Worry & Fear. Callyo Helps Investigators Stop it in it’s Tracks.

Callyo was purpose-built with civillian safety and privacy in mind. Our investigative suite makes it easier for investigators and federal agents to obtain critical evidence before tragedy is allowed to occur. When it comes to covert investigations, law enforcement safety is our paramount concern, especially in such a dangerous field. Get the evidence you need in the safest and most efficient way with Callyo.

Key Counter Terrorism Statistics

Restriction of Activities

More than a third in the US say they’re less willing to do certain activities because of terrorism.


Just over 26,000 people lost their lives due to terrorism in 2017. Callyo helps investigators discover important information before it is too late.


Approximately 46 alleged terror plots have been discovered and prevented by law enforcement since 9/11.


With cyberterrorism on the rise in an ever-growing landscape of devices, it's more important than ever that investigators have access to technology that helps them intervene.

Callyo for Your Team

Callyo has been helping investigators discover crucial information for over a decade. Contact us to learn how we can help your department or agency collect evidence more efficiently.

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