Crisis Negotiation

Callyo Enhances Safety in High-Risk Negotiations

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Drone use in law enforcement has grown 500% in the last four years.

The increasing popularity of drone usage in law enforcement has lead to important improvements in safety and efficiency in crisis negotiations. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have made it possible to investigate situations and communicate with a subject while maintaining a safe distance. Callyo’s impressive sub two second latency period gives officers as close to a real-time view of the situation as possible. Investigators are able to monitor a subject’s activity remotely which provides invaluable situational awareness to officers on the ground.

Callyo’s 10-21 Flight is a powerful negotiation tool for investigators dealing with crisis situations.

Key Crisis Negotiation Statistics

Resolution Outcomes

40% of negotiations result in tactical intervention or escape which could be mitigated with drone use.

Subject Instability

30% of subjects in CN are under the influence of alcohol. Remote surveillance removes officers from close proximity to unstable subjects.


Only 22% of CN occur face to face. With 10-21 Flight, officers can livestream a subject while speaking them over their drone’s speakers.

Negotiation Safety

4% of CN result in injury or death. Remote drone surveillance increases officer safety by removing the need for physical proximity.

“We have just implemented this system recently. This will make our crisis negotiation team more mobile and not tied to a corded phone system. In addition, all of our activity can be used for future court proceedings or training.”
“I am a negotiator and Callyo makes life so much easier. I also work investigations and the interface is great--and that's just the surface.”

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