Animal Welfare

Callyo Assists Investigators Charged with Protecting Domestic Animals, Wildlife & the Environment

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Fish & Wildlife investigators use Callyo to combat illegal hunting, fishing & poaching.

Animal welfare and environmental protection are issues close to our hearts at Callyo. Our products enable special agents to investigate criminal activity that endanger the environment. The Callyo Investigative Suite helps investigators prevent animal and environmental abuse by enabling investigations into criminal destruction/contamination of wildlife habitats, animal cruelty, wildlife smuggling, organized cruelty (like dog and cockfighting), and the killing of endangered species.

Key Animal Welfare Statistics

Animal Cruelty & Domestic Violence

In one survey, 71 percent of domestic violence victims reported that their abuser also targeted pets.

Animal Cruelty & Drug Trafficking

The DEA has prosecuted multiple cases where drug cartels were running narcotics through cockfighting and dogfighting operations.

Cost of Illegal Fishing

Experts estimate that illegal and unreported fishing costs the global economy up to $23 billion annually.

Impact of Dog Fighting

ASPCA experts estimate that there are tens of thousands of dog fighters across the country abusing hundreds of thousands of dogs.

“We are just starting to use Callyo, but so far we have been thoroughly impressed with it. It has added another level of security for our undercover agents, and greatly increased the integrity of our cases from an evidentiary standpoint.”
“Callyo has been such a valuable tool. I remember the days before we had Callyo and I don't ever want to go back.”

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Located on beautiful Tampa Bay, Callyo takes the protection of our fish and wildlife seriously. Verify your law enforcement status to learn how we can help power these important investigations.

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