10 21 Police Phone

The #1 Law Enforcement App

Improving Community Relations One Phone Call at a Time

10-21 (radio code for "make a phone call") is a police app for making free calls to citizens that actually get answered. Calls are made from local (not blocked) numbers without revealing your personal number. Stop getting sent to voicemail, and protect your number.

Designed by Law Enforcement to Make Your Job Easier.

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  • Call Citizens for free.

    Use live recordings to document incident reports accurately and without bias.

  • Protect your existing number.

    Record last‑minute, on-the-spot interviews from witnesses at the accident or crime scene.

  • Make calls from local, unblocked numbers.

    Allow your team to see exactly where you are and what is going on at the scene with live broadcast.

  • Connect citizens to dispatch when off duty.

    Set up your mobile device on the dashboard of your car to record any incidents on the road.

  • Receive a push notification when you are called back.

    Set up your mobile device on the dashboard of your car to record any incidents on the road.

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“This app does exactly what it's intended to do. It gives Officers the ability to call Citizens, etc., without them actually having your cellphone number! When they call you back, you can arrange your settings where they will actually reach your Dispatch...perfect! I rely heavily on this app while working.” Detective John McClane
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Easier and more effective. I don’t have to block my number, or use the station to transfer to a citizen number. Citizens get a quicker response from me too. Thank you for a great app! Montgomery County PD
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I love using this app at work. It works great and allows me to use my cell phone to contact victims of crimes and I don't have to worry about them having my personal phone number to call me back. The app's feature allows people to get in contact with me by calling the number I called them from which sends me a text letting me know someone needs to get in touch with me. This app has helped me tremendously and is a must have for all law enforcement officers. Bladensburg PD
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Callyo has absolutely made an impact on my job. Obviously interacting with the public in a positive manner is a must to ensure our citizens realize law enforcement is here for them. However, a citizen calling an officer during down time can be as stressful as while working on duty. The 10-21 app prevents the public from getting an officer’s true phone number preventing the idea that we are a personal contact away from official lines of communication. Autauga County Sheriff
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Callyo and 10-21 both give me secure and forensically sound platforms to communicate with the public and those involved in investigations, without compromising my own cell phone and number. Lexington PD