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Callyo is the world's #1 mobile phone technology for law enforcement to catch and prosecute child predators, human traffickers, and those who would exploit our most important asset - America's children.

Callyo 10-21 App Bridges the Gap Between Communities and Law Enforcement
We all must play an important role in rebuilding trust between law enforcement and our communities. As reported in the media, at times relationships are tense on both sides of the table.

Callyo Labs are experts in mobile technology. We see it as our role - our duty, in fact - to offer up our talents to putting important communication tools in the hands of officers nationwide.

Rebuilding trust starts with opening the lines of communication, and that's exactly what the 10-21 App accomplishes. Ten Twenty One gives the public a way to quickly and directly reach the officer who handled their report.

Passionate Customer Service
We're engineers, parents, and fellow officers creating service experiences unseen in the law enforcement industry. Crime happens 24 hours, and often when we least expect it.

Even the most intuitive technologies come with questions, and we know that answering them quickly can mean getting someone to safety or capturing that key piece of evidence. Look inside Callyo and you'll see that culture of service in everything we do. Policing and Callyo, 24 hours, hand-in-hand.

- 98% Satisfied: June
- 99% Satisfied: July
- 100% Satisfied: August
- 100% Satisfied: September

Callyo provides the best evidentiary technology in the market, period.

Trusted By
Crimes Against Children (ICAC)
Internet & Cyber Crimes
Homeland Security Agencies
Federal Law Enforcement
State & Local Police Departments
Narcotics & VICE Units
Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering
Customs and Border Protection
International Task Forces
Military Police

No Equipment - Unleash the investigative powers of your existing, agency-issued phone.

No Paperwork - Callyo saves investigators time by automating your paperwork.

No Added Expense - Callyo is proven to save money when used in place of old technology.

Simple - Technology so simple it feels like magic. Amazingly powerful and easy to use.

Clear Values - We operate in an complex area that comes with challenges both technical and human. Doing so requires integrity and respect for customers, employees, and the laws that protect our neighbors. We do what we do because it makes the world a better, safer place, and share responsibility with our customers to apply technology with that same respect.

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